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Some people can watch the entire Paranormal Activity series without even flinching, whereas others get genuinely spooked at the thought of finding dairy in their morning coffee.

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But if you ask me, the scariest thing in the whole wide world is a horror book. Your imagination just totally takes off with every twist and turn.

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Anyway, if you feel like being truly scared, you ought to pick up a horror book. Here are 22 that will freak you out beyond belief. This true story about a family that moved into an allegedly possessed home on Long Island in the s will never not be the scariest shit ever.

The 50 Best Horror Movies | Movies | Empire

Seriously, this tale about a house with a spooky mind of its own might make you think twice about booking that Airbnb. The OG vampire tale about the bloodthirsty Transylvanian, better known as Count Dracula, will encourage you to protect your neck from now until eternity. What readers get is a frightening melodrama about jealousy and female identity that still holds up 80 years later. Investigative journalist Scott McGrath sure thinks so, and it might be the last thing he ever thinks in this thriller in which life starts to imitate art.

A coming-of-age story about rejection, loneliness, and abuse, all of which is just as scary as the supernatural horrors that Eli, a year-old vampire who looks 12, commits. When should you use an unreliable narrator in horror? Find out here! Click To Tweet. Plot twists are exciting, memorable, and help bring previous uncertainty into focus, releasing tension by revealing the truth. But keep in mind that small, subtle plot twists can be just as if not more effective.

After Emily dies, the villagers discover the corpse of a long-vanished traveler in one of her spare beds — along with a strand of silver hair. Remember that small, subtle plot twists are sometimes best when writing horror writingtips Click To Tweet. The ending of your story doesn't have to come out of left field to shock and horrify readers. The classic horror approach leaves the reader in suspense as to precisely what will happen, then concludes with a violent showdown think slasher films.

In this approach, while the showdown itself might not be a surprise, the scenes leading up to it build tension and anticipation for the climax.

I wrote a supernatural horror story.

That way, when the big moment does arrive, it still packs a dramatic punch. As you write, you need to stay conscious of basic storytelling techniques and not get carried away with the drama of horror. It might help, before you begin, to answer these questions about your characters and plot:. This will help you create a basic outline for your horror story, which you can embellish to create atmosphere and suspense.

In plot-driven genre stories, a thorough outline and emotionally resonant elements are vital for keeping your reader invested. A great horror story balances drama with realism and suspense with relief, even with the occasional stroke of humor. Maybe Susan and I would become friends. You just have to put a spin on it and make it your own! Have you ever tried writing horror? Did you manage to scare yourself? Tell us in the comments! Thank you so much for writing this article. Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch star as a coroner and his son in a small town. Her exterior looks pristine but everything on the inside is a mess.

Waterhouse plays a young lady exiled into a group of cannibals, whom she flees only to arguably be in more trouble under the sway of a cult leader, played by Reeves. Imagine a sci-fi alien invasion movie kind of like District 9 blended with action and even a few performers that echoes The Raid. Bird Box Yes, the final scenes get incredibly goofy, but the opening chaos of this smash-hit Netflix Original is pretty effective and Sandra Bullock is excellent throughout. The Oscar winner plays a woman who survives the apocalypse, which starts when people begin to see, well, something and go insane.

The Box Make another movie, Richard Kelly! The filmmaker behind Donnie Darko has only made three films, and this was his last one, released way back in Calibre This may be more of a thriller than a horror film, but we have to get this list to 50 somehow and it ends in a brutal enough way to qualify. Two Scotsmen go hunting and a horrible accident ensues that results in the shooting of a young boy. Instead of owning the horror, they try to cover things up. Cam Did you like Us? Well, someone who looks exactly like her is still online. How is this possible?

Watch the movie and find out. Sure, you remember the bees and the urban legend riff on a boogeyman who appears if you saw his name, but did you realize how smart this movie is about social and racial issues? Or how well it uses Chicago as a backdrop? It stars Martin Freeman as a man who has just lost his wife to infection, and who is also staring down his own rabid turn. Carrie Stephen King has arguably never been bigger than he is in with films like Pet Sematary and It: Chapter Two , and a new book in the Fall.

This is still one of the best King adaptations of all time. The Conjuring Director James Wan hit the pinnacle of his achievements in horror with this stylish, thrilling ghost story. See the movie that made hand-clapping terrifying! Creep Creep is as simple as it is effective. Mark Duplass co-stars in and produced this lean horror movie from writer, director, and fellow star Patrick Brice. Duplass plays Josef, and man with terminal cancer who recruits a videographer Brice to film him at a remote cabin so that he may leave behind a video diary for his young son.

Writer's Digest Magazine

Filmed on a hand cam, Creep is tense and claustrophobic, with Duplass embodying a terrifyingly believable maniac whom you could meet in line at a coffee shop. Creep 2 The first Creep ended so perfectly that a sequel seemed like it could have worn out a good thing, but a new onscreen foil for Duplass made for a second go-round that exceeded the original.

He is a serial killer, and wants her to make a documentary about him and his 39 murders. One of the reasons it was so popular was the way it straddled multiple genres, willing to go dark with the story of a rock musician returned from the dead in search of vengeance. Stylish, dark, and tragic due to the death of its star, this is a movie that everyone had to see when it came out a quarter-century ago.

You may not have seen it since. This is a smart, complex indie horror film that has already developed a loyal following. Get on the bandwagon before someone tells you to do so. The Eyes of My Mother Make sure the kids and grandparents are sound asleep before you watch one of the most disturbing movies on Netflix. Gerald proves himself to be a total bastard, however, when he springs a surprise rape fantasy on his wife and then dies of a heart attack on top of her — before he can unlock her handcuffs.

Jessie must then confront both her inner demons and a looming bogeyman, that may or may not be real, as she struggles to get free before wasting away on the bed.