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So he embraced tribal or 'primitive' architecture. He began asking the question why it was that throughout the world architecture had lost its 'soul'. He soon realised that to answer this enigma, he would have to go beyond the field of pure architectural history. And so he drew on the resources of the history of thought and popular belief, social history, psychology, anthropology and so on. After much thought and study he came to some conclusions that he believed have some claim to originality and which he is anxious to share more widely in the form of a book.

International in scope, the book is directed at an extensive general readership and is therefore written in a lively and accessible style.

Neil Shapeero sadly died very suddenly in He worked in private practices, small and large and for local authorities but latterly in architectural conservation. He completed this book just before his death and its publication is a tribute to a man who was passionate about architecture along with his other interests which included natural history, anthropology, history and the new sciences all of which he pressed into service in the preparation of this book.

He has also published articles on travel and on photography in national magazines. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages.

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More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Lost Soul of Architecture , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about The Lost Soul of Architecture. The second notion to which we are committed is a recurring theme in our work as an agency —that is, the plan.

This is an area in which we do not compromise.

The Soul Architect – Poslušajte na Deezerju | Pretakanje glasbe

Good housing is not only spacious housing, it is housing that offers more: more space than surface, more utility and liveability. To expand the space available, one can play with the linkages and flow between rooms to create interior perspectives, to work out the diagonal views, the sequence of views, and effects of transparency and depth that bring richness to the volumes one works with.

By these means we can create many routes through the space, and many ways of moving from one room to another. In our work on housing, we consistently aim to extend balconies and terraces to the point where they are spacious enough to serve as real outdoor rooms.

How to Decorate with Soul

A good home is also, quite simply, a home with natural light in all rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms. The architectural act is eminently plastic in nature.

The work we do in the studio focuses on the relationship between a space and the construction of that space. The modes, materials and forces of construction —all these make up the architectural act. The design reacts to, and reflects, a given situation.

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The building must simultaneously be strong enough to stand alongside the massive architecture of the barracks; lend itself to opening up the heart of the renewed block, and still take its place as a simple residential building. It has to find the right position. One obvious path to follow is thinking about materiality, especially the stone of the barrack buildings. Paying attention to construction as a design element is at the heart of our approach to this project. Making an urban situation legible, making the life of a city block visible, recognising an environment and placing a new building within a strong historical and architectural framework —obviously, there are a lot of aspirations here!

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This was the note of intent we gave at the consultation launched by Paris Habitat in the spring of Today, the building has been handed over. Through these references, the new building takes its place in its context, through a delicate balance between standing out and fitting in.

To the West, on Rue de Chaligny, wide loggias extend the interior space of the apartments outward, as do the terraces from where you can watch the sunset over the Parisian skyline.

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That night the little songster was missing from its accustomed haunt, and the Dark Image knew more than ever the bitterness of loneliness. Perhaps his little friend had been killed by a prowling cat or hurt by a stone. But when morning came there floated up to him, through the noise and bustle of the Cathedral world, a faint heart-aching message from the prisoner in the wicker cage far below. And every day, at high noon, when the fat pigeons were stupefied into silence after their midday meal and the sparrows were washing themselves in the street-puddles, the song of the little bird came up to the parapets—a song of hunger and longing and hopelessness, a cry that could never be answered.

The pigeons remarked, between mealtimes, that the figure leaned forward more than ever out of the perpendicular. One day no song came up from the little wicker cage. It was the coldest day of the winter, and the pigeons and sparrows on the Cathedral roof looked anxiously on all sides for the scraps of food which they were dependent on in hard weather.

There was a crackling sound in the night on the Cathedral roof and a noise as of falling masonry. The belfry jackdaw said the frost was affecting the fabric, and as he had experienced many frosts it must have been so.

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Certainly they will put an angel there. Categories : Spoken works Short stories.