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Bump, Mr.

  1. Youre Good Lord;
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Messy and Mr. Forgetful, all of which allow young children to explore different personalities through fun stories.

Sweet Dreams Diner

Beautiful, pastel-shaded illustrations have made this a classic that continues to delight toddlers. A simple idea that has stretched to all kinds of themes. As well as the touchy-feely experience, the basic vocabulary repetition is a valuable — and enjoyable — early learning tool.

With over 50 titles in the collection every child will have a favourite or two. School life is all about avoiding work and causing the teachers as much grief as possible; home life is a trial of avoiding parental discipline, while also eating all the sweets, cheating at competitions and generally being horrid. The Dennis the Menace of his time. It might be years old, but this novel about Ratty, Mole, Badger, Toad and the other animals of the riverbank is an evocation of rural England that still captures the imagination.

A sweet and enduring bedtime book in which the reader can say goodnight to the objects around the room and outside the window, in preparation for sleep. The series of Kipper books began in and have been adapted deftly for television.

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One of the great pioneers of the lift-the-flap novelty books for babies, Spot remains a timeless classic. Here, the honey-and-black puppy has gone missing at dinner time and mummy dog, Sally, must find him. Hill has sold millions of books in the Spot series. In this story, a very familiar bedtime scenario is played out: Wibbly Pig wants to do everything but go to bed. Splashing in the bath, counting the stairs… what else can the little pig do to side-step sleep?

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  • Of course, eventually he has to give in to slumber — so a happy ending for all parents! The oldest book in the Top , the sheer brilliant fantasy of this story has not dimmed in over a century. A Cheshire cat, a tea party, a Queen and a Duchess all add to the very English adventure. A great story to read to children of six years and up. The Meg And Mog series has continued to appear for over 30 years, and is great for developing vocabulary.

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    Brown Bear has the now trademark textured colourful pictures better known in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The question-and-answer format allows children to participate in and predict the narrative and spot things with Bear. Mister Magnolia is a poetic joy in which our hero possesses lots of wonderful objects, animals and even two sisters, but he only has one boot!

    Duck and his friends end up in a manic, muddy mess. This is a fun, rhyming romp for three-year-olds, with slapstick visuals. The scruffiest giant in town attempts to buy a whole new outfit. However, on his way home, George encounters various animals in need and ends up giving away all his fabulous new gear his shoes make the perfect abode for a mouse and her homeless mouselings, for example. Clever and funny reading. The first in a series of stories about Floss the sheepdog that tells of how she goes from being a playful town dog to a hard-working farm animal.

    A great counting book in which a bored hippo calls his mates around until eventually there is what can only be described as a mayhem of hippopotami.

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    An orphaned girl who is taken to live with her reclusive grandfather in the Swiss Alps, Heidi is a warm-hearted child who gradually helps the old man to find a new happiness. But then she is packed off to the city by an aunt where the cultural differences cause her to learn even more life lessons. Often adapted for television and film. He suggests she takes in a series of farm animals to solve her problem.

    Of course the little house is made even more cramped and chaotic.

    But when the wise old man then advises the lady to shoo them all out again, she realises her house seems positively palatial after all! But, he gets his just desserts and learns the joys of a pleasing disposition! Kindly Mr and Mrs Brown adopt him — to their well-meaning cost! Despite Sophie being scared of him when she first sees him at her bedroom window, The Big Friendly Giant is just that. He blows sweet dreams through the windows to children at night, and battles unfriendly giants. Mr Fox enjoys his life doing fox-like things, such as eating chickens and turkeys, much to the annoyance of farmers Bunce, Boggis and Bean.

    The trio decide they must rid themselves of this pest any way they can, but Mr Fox and his fellow wild animals manage to outwit the foolish men. An offbeat delight with a retro Fifties shimmer to it. Parents of a certain age will remember the classic Seventies television series of Black Beauty, but this Victorian tale of a fine young foal who passes through the hands of good, bad and cruel owners, is still classic reading for all little girls who are mad on horses.

    Our plucky Duck hero spots a leak in the roof, but can he fix it? The Snowman celebrated its 40th anniversary in — and published a heartwarming re-telling of this classic tale by Micheal Morpurgo. A great book for interactive reading. However, a friendly cricket reassures him that everyone can dance, they just need the right tune! A lovely rhyming picture book about understanding differences.

    • Loeuvre dOlivier Messiaen (Musique) (French Edition);
    • Santa Whispered: Teach the Children the True Meaning of Christmas.
    • Racconti brevi di montagna e anche di mare (Italian Edition).
    • British Armour in the Normandy Campaign (Military History and Policy);
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    • Frog Goes to Dinner.
    • Cat, Squirrel and Duck love their soup, but one night the recipe is upset and mayhem ensues. Peter Pan lives in Neverland in a state of perpetual childhood with the Lost Boys and likes to swoop down to hear bedtime stories in the real world. One night he connects with children, Wendy, John and Michael, who fly off with him to his magical home for a perilous adventure. This is a classic first boardbook for babies, combining their love for playing peek-a-boo with the fun of flaps to lift. On each page a baby hides behind a bib, bath towels or snugly bedclothes.

      Very young children respond to seeing other babies in the illustrations.

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      Burglar Bill has stolen everything he possesses, from his breakfast to his bed. Comes with a CD also. A father, his four children of various sizes and the family dog are off in search of adventure… and a bear. On a rainy day, this story is a wonderful way of escaping the confines of the sofa, by suggesting the squelching of muddy fields, the crackle of wild woods, and the swirl and bluster of a snowstorm.


      Children of all ages enjoy miming their struggle on the journey that finally brings them to the cave where dwells the elusive bear. It was the idea that you could hide things in the pictures and then reveal them. With an economy of words and a restrained humour, McBratney achieves this. First publised in it blends detailed images with simple, poetic narrative of a flame-haired witch and her familiar broom as they get into all kinds of scrapes.

      Well, what if she had other animals on there as well? In the story, a narrator asks the zoo to send him a pet. However, the zoo keep sending animals which are completely inappropriate — a monkey who is too naughty, a camel who is too grumpy — and each one has to be sent back. Children love the fun involved in books that mix reality with fantasy.

      They all know what tea-time is, they know what a tiger is, but tea with a tiger is the silliest thing. There is also a regular touring live stage show that really brings the book to life and a truly special afternoon tea at The Savoy in London too. And, the illustrations delight today as they ever did.