Manual Le mani di Leo (BiBook) (Italian Edition)

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One of the foremost historians of the Spanish Civil War delves into the violence of May Translated from the Spanish by Paul Sharkey. Available August 6 from AK Press. Originally published in , these two novellas involve a young woman in the throes of sexual and romantic troubles. Translated from the German by Peter Wortsman. Available April 2 from Archipelago. A Venezuelan woman who has buried her mother in Caracas faces chaos and violence when she is offered a terrible way to escape the country.

By Karina Sainz Borgo. Translated from the Spanish by Elizabeth Bryer. Available October 15 from HarperVia. Trapped in a room with his lover, a man reflects on the seemingly unrelated events and details that shaped the dystopian city they live in.

Translated from the Spanish by Thomas Bunstead. Available November 5 from Coffee House Press. After witnessing his mother having sex with a Fascist commander, a boy channels his frustration and confusion into the javelin until he becomes a local champion. By Paolo Volponi. Translated from the Italian by Richard Dixon.

By Stefan Zweig. Translated from the German by Will Stone. Available September 3 from Pushkin.

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An examination of the effects of migration, religious and ethnic identity and postcolonial history on contemporary France. By Seloua Luste Boulbina. Translated from the French by Laura Hengehold. Available July 1 from Indiana University Press. An untalented singer, catapulted by media attention, becomes a star in this satire of the Weimar Republic. By Gabriele Tergit. Translated from the German by Sophie Duvernoy. Twenty-eight poems that circle the story of a truck accident and contemplate mortality. By Chantal Maillard. Translated from the Spanish by Yvette Siegert.

In this existential detective story, residents of a small village start to disappear. By Jean Giono. Translated from the French by Alyson Waters. A variety of characters in dark and perverse fables, from an ex-prostitute to anticommunists and an elephant. By Eka Kurniawan. Available October 1 from Verso. Translated from the Norwegian by Neil Smith. Available July 9 from Knopf. A blues singer attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge and wakes up in a hospital with his personal memories lost.

Available November 19 from Other Press. A collection of stories by the esteemed German filmmaker and author exploring love in its many forms. By Alexander Kluge. Translated from the German by Wieland Hoban. Translated from the German by Shelley Frisch. By Niviaq Korneliussen.

Translated from the Danish by Anna Halager. A man endures an exhausting journey when he is mistakenly hired to write about the last wolf of Spain. Available December 10 from New Directions. By Robert Merle. Translated from the French by T. Jefferson Kline. By Louis Althusser.


Translated from the French by G. Available November 26 from Verso.

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By Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi. Available April 30 from Transit Books. A teenager catapulted to national attention after telling a lie meets an elderly immigrant caught in a lie of identity in this exploration of the consequences unleashed by individual choices. By Ayelet Gundar-Goshen. Translated from the Hebrew by Sondra Silverston.

Available September 24 from Little, Brown.

La mano spietata della legge () - IMDb

By Lu Yao. Translated from the Chinese by Chloe Estep.

Available March 19 from Amazon Crossing. A novel-biography hybrid of the English painter David Hockney, charting his college years through the turbulent era of the AIDS epidemic. By Catherine Cusset. Translated from the French by Teresa Lavender Fagan.

e-book Le mani di Leo (BiBook) (Italian Edition)

Available May 14 from Other Press. By Jaime Manrique. By Hans Blumenberg. A debut novel about the emotional journey of a young woman who was raped as a child. Translated from the French by Tina Kover.

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Available March 19 from Europa. A father, his grown daughter and a cat embark on a road trip that takes a bizarre, revealing turn. By Pascal Garnier. Translated from the French by Gallic Books. Available August 20 from Gallic Books. An American woman gets an email from her first love and is taken back to the tumultuous time she spent as a college student in Naples. By Heddi Goodrich. Translated from the Italian by Heddi Goodrich.

Available September 10 from HarperVia.

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By Enrique Vila-Matas. Accused by a well-connected individual of a crime he did not commit, Inspector Maigret does everything he can to prove his innocence.

By Georges Simenon. Translated from the French by Howard Curtis. Available September 3 from Penguin Books. An unnamed narrator, her lover and her androgynous roommate are caught in a fraught love triangle. By Ingeborg Bachmann. Available May 28 from New Directions. By Saud Alsanousi. Translated from the Kuwaiti Arabic by Sawad Hussain.