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  1. Police warn about doorbell-ring burglaries | News | Palo Alto Online |
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Did they show you a badge? Why on Earth would these kind of people go door knocking? But seriously, check the contents of your house, your bank etc.

Police warn about doorbell-ring burglaries | News | Palo Alto Online |

This thing never happens, they would never send people to "randomly" ask you survey questions. The only survey they did was the kind where they were surveying your house as a potential target to hit later. An hour is a long time. Giftfromme: LOL did you actually let them in the house? I didn't let them into my house, I spoke to them outside and I took the survey standing in the driveway. Although they wanted to ask my dad questions as well, so I'm not really sure how "random" the selection process could be if two people from the same household get selected.

I usually welcome people who are obviously selling something with Insha'Allah or similar, even if it makes no sense. Might be nothing, but I'd check my locks. I'd probably change them, too; and I'd make sure my insurer has an updated list of my valuables. Eh ive had cops come to the door, in uniform to inform me that a sex offender was moving into the neighborhood. Some rapist was moving in with one of my parents tenants. Needless to say, she was thrown out for bringing in her sex offender boyfriend without alerting my parents.

I've learned over time that no-one's calling you to tell you you've won a free cake, and no-one's knocking on your door to offer you a holiday. It sounds cynical, but it feels nowadays like everyone who contacts me is just after my money, and I've got very little, I wonder how it must be for rich people, heh. Fortunately, anyone I actually know and care about knows how to contact me, so I'm not missing out on anything by leaving salesmen stood at my door.

If only we all did this for say, three months, we could probably wipe out cold calling and nuisance calls completely, all we need to do is make sure they're not gaining a damn penny of profit in harrassing people.

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If I want to buy something, or change my gas supplier, or of course, offer my opinion to a survey, I have the internet, and I can do my research and make an informed choice, not just choose the first gimp who hammers on my door, or gets me out of the bath to answer the phone. I've done the same as the OP, when I've felt I have had to deal with a visitor, I'll step outside, close the door behind me and deal with everything there. To add to this, I don't usually get any random people knocking on my door unless they're jehova's witnesses or teleco workers.

I have a sign on my front door that says 'no doorknockers' , usually I will answer the door when they knock and ask them if they can read, if they say yes then I close the door in their face. I don't want to hear about your religion, how you need to sell these magazines so you can go to Cancun, or about the security system you want to install. I might want to hear about your cookies, but only if you have Thin Mints for me now, not in 6 months.

I actually answer with a shotgun, but I keep it in my hand behind the door so they don't instantly freak out. Shell's chambered and safety off, mind you. Eclpsedragon: So has anything random like this ever happened to you? I ask "how can I help you? If it is, I tell them "no, I am not interested" and usually close the door in their face.

Not slam, that would be rude. I just calmly close the door in their face, similar to closing the window of a rickroll I get. I don't know, maybe I'm some paranoid nutjob, but I've heard too many stories and see too much crap that I am afraid to answer my door for strangers. I always fear it's some sort of robbery or it's some weird government crack down, Mirror's Edge style.

This is seriously going to suck once I move to a new neighborhood and have those welcoming committees Because I never, ever hear or see people welcoming someone new to the neighborhood, they just stare from their window's and watch them unpack. Before I open my door to complete strangers and soliciters, I like to make sure I'm not wearing pants.

I also make it a point to wear shoes, sometimes without socks. Secondly, gotta stick with the t-shirt and tie combination. It could either be a bow tie or regular neck tie. Lastly, always make sure you're eating cereal with very inconvenient serving dishes.

My personal favorite, large mixing bowl with a spatula. Put all those elements together and you're not likely to see them again. I don't answer unless it's food or a friend. I've wasted enough time talking to people selling religion door to door, or magazines for the school trip. Welcome to life, where dreams don't come true.

Guess Who Knocked on My Door?

Now get off my porch. Unless I'm expecting someone or something, I never answer the door. I might peak out my second story window to see perhaps it is UPS dropping off my package? I hate when people knock on my door.

It's annoying. When someone rings on my doorbell I turn off all sounds in the house, creep up slowly to the Social phobia rocks. I check through the window to see if the person looks like an axe murderer and if they don't I just, answer the door. One time I was stuck in a conversation with these two little old ladies about the book of Mormon because I was too polite to ask them to leave I've only once gotten Jehovas Witnesses on my doorstep.

That was followed about half an hour later by a visit by a police officer. Let me paint the picture for you. I'm an avid hunter and that day I'd just gotten home after a rather productive grouse hunting session. Also got a rabbit. I come home, stash the shotgun and ammunition away, swearing that I'll clean and maintain the shotgun 'tomorrow'.

Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now? (Official Video)

I toss the hunting clothes aside and put on a torn black T-shirt and some dark working jeans. Within a minute I have Amon Amarth playing very loudly on the stereo and I'm happily butchering the catch of the day.

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Both my hands fairly quickly get covered in blood and little pieces of I am rather stunned. That never happens. When I invite friends over, the door is unlocked since I expect them and other than that, there's -never- anyone on the door. I think my brain must have locked up since I went and opened the door, hands covered in blood, still holding the butcher's knife, long black hair, northern Norwegian pale skin and Amon Amarth growling something or other about killing christians in the background.

The Jehovas Witnesses just stared incredulously at me before I come to my senses, give them a rather disturbed look and go "Are I've run out of virgins.

Who’s That Knocking at My Door: How the world met Martin Scorsese

After they ran as if the devil was at their heels, I returned to the butchering, giggling inanely about the event and finished up. Half an hour later, the local police officer a close friend of mine who knows I hunt shows up and demands a share of the meat because he had to come out there just because I have a sense of humor. So yes I'd have asked for some official documentation if I'd been you, buddy.

I doubt it was anything overly serious -- or dodgy, for that matter, but you never know. If they were leaning more specifically towards questions about drugs and alcohol as it sounds they were , then they might simply be getting statistics for their use in your area or state or whatever. I thought he moved on. Every day it's like some kind of ritual it happens every morning.

Knocking on my door that lasts about 30 minutes and sometimes knocks in a response to my questions. I've said stop with the knocking before and one day it got really aggressive then it stopped. My friend can't sleep and gets woken up by it and so do I.

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It use to be knocking at night whenever I was not clothed, which is disturbing. Whatever or whoever it is, is probably looking at me type this out right now so the knocking stopped. So sorry to hear of your loss. My grand father passed away with his eyes open. My granny told me that it's nothing to fear and simply means that the person wishes for you not to forget them.

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I can't remember if I typed this out before. I don't get on here much like I use to. I have something on my mind. Usually every morning and sometimes every now and then there's knocking like thumping at my door. I have opened my door but no one is there.