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Confucianism and Its Rivals

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  • Confucianism And Its Rivals.

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Confucianism and Its Rivals

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History Law Linguistics Literature. Music Neuroscience Philosophy Physical Sciences. Classical Confucianism I: Confucius. The Oxford Handbook of World Philosophy. The value of morality has completely overshadowed any claims of belief; duty towards one s neighbour has mostly taken precedence of duty towards God. Above him was a round sky, later on to be symbolized as the male element in creation ; below him was a square earth, also to be symbolized later on as the mother of all things the feme covert in " the bridal of the earth and sky.

We must pause a moment to consider what the Canon of Changes precisely is. Broadly speaking, it is the most venerated as well as the most ancient volume of a collection of sacred books now known as the Confucian Canon, and it is said to have come into existence as follows. Three thousand years before Christ the furthest point reached even by the most enthusiastic chronologers China was ruled by her first, somewhat legendary monarch, the Emperor Fu Hsi. Prior to this date, we hear of a Chinese Pro metheus, the discoverer of fire, and of a still earlier hero, who taught mankind to make nest-habitations in trees, as a safeguard against such attacks from animals as people would be more exposed to on the ground.